Dunn Bros at the Douglas More House

Sorry for all the pictures but this place is so adorable! It is the perfect place to meet with friends and chat, work on homework, read, or just take pictures. The coffee is top notch and they use almond milk which is a huge benefit for those of us sensitive to dairy. They have breakfast and lunch options but I have yet to try them out. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip, plus look at how many Instagram worthy pictures can come out of it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend:)


Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Black has been a highly advertised waffle and coffee restaurant for a while now. This summer I decided to visit with a few friends. We all tried different toppings and I got the gluten free waffle with fruit on top! They’re coffee (not pictured) wasn’t the greatest and honestly neither were the waffles. My friends all got normal waffles and agreed with me, nothing to write home about. The location isn’t the greatest, there’s not much else to do in that general area. The restaurant itself is great for instagrams but kind of cramped, especially during their rush hours on weekends when we went. I wouldn’t recommend this place for the quality or taste of their waffles/coffee but if you are looking for some Instagram inspiration this is the place to be!image

Mugshots Coffee Review

Mugshots coffee is located about two minutes away from Normandale Community College in Bloomington which makes it the perfect homework destination for local college students. The environment is cozy and welcoming. There are outlets everywhere which is great for charging laptops while doing homework. There’s also a cute fireplace with bean bag chairs where a group of students were working on a group project. I ordered a chai tea and a salad and both were delicious! The cup that my chai came in was so cute I almost snuck it in my purse, relax I said almost. The staff were all so nice and helpful. I think that they also have live music on weekends which is worth checking out. I would definitely recommend Mugshots to students looking to get some work done after class!

TRUCE Juice Review

I had heard great things about TRUCE on social media and decided to try it out for myself. The location is wonderful, Uptown has so much to offer (like amazing shopping and adorable vintage book stores). TRUCE is a very tiny location so plan on taking your juice, smoothie, or bowl elsewhere to eat it. I ordered the coconut juice and it was delicious! It had a ton of health benefits and tasted great. My friend had the green juice and didn’t enjoy it as much but come on who enjoys green juice. The acai bowls seem to be there most popular item and for good reason, besides being very photogenic they are amazing. It’s not insanely expensive but you are getting high quality, healthy products and the price definitely reflects that. Overall I would say TRUCE juice is a must try organic juice store!